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The patented SkiGym is a multi-functional training apparatus for ambitious skiers, but can also be used in a lot of other areas.

Strength, endurance, coordination and specific sequences of movements for different types of sports can be trained specifically. But also the fun factor is guaranteed as the SkiGym can be connected to a computer (windows).

Alpine skiers can prepare themselves for the new skiing season in the best possible way and specifically at home (home fitness) or participating in courses in fitness centres (studio fitness). The apparatus simulates different angles of inclination of slopes, types of terrain and types of snow. Ranging from black slopes and mogul slopes to icy slopes – everything can be simulated!

In the rehabilitation sector, the SKIGYM is optimal for the recovery of sport-specific motor skills and sequences of movement, e.g. after injuries of the cruciate ligament. Measured and well-guided training makes sure that the patient, after having suffered an injury, feels confident and safe during the first skiing days on a real slope again.

If you are a personal trainer, the SKIGYM is the perfect apparatus to offer your clients a varied coordination and stability training. Being small, easy-to-handle and compact, the SKIGYM combines a lot of different training apparatuses in one, among other things a wobble board with different angles of inclination of tilting, step, wedge and a rotary plate with and without resistance.
You can offer your clients and enthusiastic skiers a top-level and very varied training!

We will be very glad to inform you about the details!

Expand your offer of interesting simulators in your event agency. The SKIGYM offers great fun and takes very little room. Furthermore, it can be assembled and installed quickly and easily. The young and the young at heart will both have fun with this simulator as this one, compared to many other apparatuses, really represents realistic movements. Please contact us! We will be happy to provide you with more information!

Offer even more fun and variety in the fitness and wellness sector of your hotel or sports club! Although the serious training does not stay in the background at all, it is great fun for the young and the young at heart!




SPONINO sport & concepts
Christian Nolte
Lindenallee 47
D 50968 Köln

Email: info(a)ski-gym.de
Phone: +49 172 - 13 97 347


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